Strong Authentication, Anti Phishing and Anti-Fraud

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IAP800 Server
Authentication Infrastructure
IAP800® has been the first worldwide full OATH Strong Authentication Solution. 
The powerful IAP800® infrastructure is produced by Ireth and perfectly fulfils all your needs for the identification of your users in a complete, secure and effective way.
It provides both infrastructural components: server and devices. (read more)
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IAP800 OATH Server

IAP800® architecture follows the technological evolution of standard authentication platforms, allowing companies to obtain many benefts in terms of application flexibility, indipendence from a proprietary solution, infrastructural flexibility, server indipendendence from authentication devices.
The IAP800® Server grows up on dedicated appliances duly optimized for the activities of authentication and profiling of users' access. Each appliance can manage million access requests per hour and can easily scale on cluster structures of different appliance (active-active).
IAP800® is not only a pure Strong Authenticator: it's also a powerful Anti Fraud solution, through its Anti Fraud Module (IRETH-AFT algorithm), allowing total on-line transaction integrity and security and ensuring total protection from any falsification during critical data transfer.

Client side, IRETH produces several OTP Devices: D800™ Series Displaycards, T800™ conventional Tokens, M800™ (Phone App-compliant with App Google Authenticator), P800™ Matrix cards, S800™ software tokens, etc.

Tokens and Displaycards generate an univocal sequence of OTP based on a secret (seed) belonging to each device. 
The devices work with several algorithms: HOTP/TOTP/OCRA from OATH consortium or others customized by IRETH.
The OTP code passed to the software server is validated by the IAP800® Authentication Server and the access che be given (or not) to the user.